Some see; talentless, plastic, company produced robots with fake personalities. I see; talented, beautiful, kind, respectful, inspiring human beings.

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Depression back full force. Headache. Heartache.

I’ll never be good enough.

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

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Minervas Linda

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Ever since I was little I was told I need to drink a glass of milk with dinner and that milk is best source of calcium. After doing some research it is easy to see that there are obviously other sources of calcium other than dairy and that those sources are better for you in the long run.

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A fire-dancer, wreathed in snow-white flames, twirling and gyrating in one of the courtyards between the tents. She twists and turns, flipping her hoop this way and that, over her head, around her waist, from one arm to the other, cartwheeling it through the crisp night air, the flames blinding you to the distant stars. Despite how terrifyingly close her flames come to the striped canvas of the tents, they never catch fire. Is it because they are flame-resistant? Or is it because she is truly so skilled that she can dance within a hairsbreadth of the walls, and still not touch them?

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I don’t know the answer to your questions. I just know that I love you. And I wish that were enough.

One day you will wake up and realize you are more than loss and more than wanting. You are the moon that guides the tides of the oceans, you are more than what was taken from you, more than who you once loved, maybe still love. More than your imperfections and insecurities.

this pain will pass someday.

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"The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too."
Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women (via dynamics-of-combustion)
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